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Tranquility Abstract Painting by Andrea Mulder-Slater

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From Andrea:
The ocean has always provided me with a sense of tranquility and there is something so comforting about a misty day by the sea. 
Andrea Mulder-Slater
acrylic and molding paste on canvas
24" x 30" (painting size)
26" x 32" framed size
Comes framed in white.
Although they are abstract in nature, Andrea considers her paintings landscapes - as each one is inspired by a specific place and time.
Water features prominently in her work, as does sunlight, which is why each piece features iridescent pigments.
Her technique involves building up the canvas with molding paste before paint is even added. She then applies paint in many (many) layers, scraping and carving with various tools as she goes.
Sometimes she throws watered-down paint at her work, allowing it to run and drip, turning the canvas many times during the process.
She is always trying to achieve depth in her work and her hope is for each viewer to feel compelled to travel through the layers, finding a personal memory with which they can connect.