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Customer Reviews

"The floorcloth looks rockin'!!! Very groovy ... it's GREAT!"
-Elisa Bell, Thousand Oaks, California
See the floorcloth here.

"I recieved the floorcloth. Thanks, I love it."
~Honey, Massachusetts, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"The cloth arrived Friday and we put it down Sunday. It looks great. You did a great job. We are very pleased."
~Chuck Featherstone, Cogan Station, PA
See the floorcloth here.

"It is wonderful!!!!!"
~Kathleen Minnix, Alexandria, VA
See the floorcloth here.

"The floor mat was a great success. He loves it. We kept it in the front hall for the duration of the party but now it is esconced in the rod room downstairs and fits beautifully. Thank you so much for an amazing job."
~Mary Kane
See the floorcloth here.

"Thanks again for the beautiful floorcloths. By the way I don't know if I told you, but I have had many many compliments on them already - everyone loves the idea of having a floorcloth instead of a traditonal rug - especially those of us with young, messy children!"
~Lucinda Williams, North Carolina
See the floorcloth here.

"They came and they're BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much."
-Adelaide King, Virginia, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"It arrived yesterday and it looks great! My husband, who was skeptical, loves it. Thank you!"
~Ellen Heath, Georgia USA
See the floorcloth here.

"We think you do gorgeous work. What a relief to encounter quality."
~Barbara Leavy, New Jersey
See the floorcloth here.

"The pictures do not do it justice, but my floor cloth looks so beautiful.
Thank you again for a wonderful job.
-Shirley Jenkins
See the floorcloth here.

"We are thoroughly enjoying the kitchen cloths. They add just the right touch to the room."
~LuAnn Joyner, North Carolina, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"We received it. We love it!"
~Wendi - California, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"I am very pleased with the final results ... you captured the flowers beautifully!"
~Patti - Virginia, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for your obvious commitment to your art!"
Betty - Connecticut, USA
See the floorcloth here.

"Everyone thinks the board looks absolutely fantastic!! We are delighted with what you've done, and we know that Peter will be thrilled with our gift to him."
Sean Keller - Massachusetts, USA
See the gameboard here.

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