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Floorcloth Design Process

If you have been thinking about commissioning your own custom floorcloth, you might be wondering just how the process works. This page will show you how an idea, becomes a floorcloth. The process begins with a request from you. From there, we begin discussing potential ideas...

Designed with your space in mind...

Many of our floorcloths are created for specific locations and so, it often helps us to see a photograph of where the floorcloth will be located.

Here is a photograph showing a kitchen/nook area. In this case, the client has taped off the floor where she would like the floorcloths to go. A swatch of the drapery fabric shown in the photograph was mailed to us for color/pattern reference. ►

Designed with your tastes in mind...

We also discuss with you, any favorite colors, designs or patterns you might have. Sometimes these ideas might come from other items already in your home (wallpaper, fabric, artwork, etc.).

Here the client sent us images of the Vietri pottery Campagna line. These designs are particular favorites of our client. ►

Sketches are created...

Once we have an idea of designs/colors, we create a few sketches, which we share via a hidden web page on our website. That way designs can be viewed at your leisure.

If specific color matching is in order, we request paint chips, wallpaper samples or fabric swatches so that we can mix our acrylic paints to match colors in your home.

Here you can see sketches for two floorcloths. Notice the colorful leaves (from the client's drapery fabric) and the farm animals (from the Vietri pottery). ►

Serious about quality...

We make our cloths by first building a wooden stretcher. Onto this we put raw canvas which is then treated, painted and sealed before it is removed from the stretcher. We use only artist quality paints which are colorfast (meaning they will not fade over time). Also, we seal our cloths both front and back.

Here you can see one of the cloths in progress. ►

The completed cloths...

"They came and they're BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much."
-Adelaide King, Virginia, USA ►

Throughout the process, we send you periodic emails showing you the progress of your floorcloth. When it is complete, we pack it and ship it via UPS to your door.

Would you like to see more? Click HERE to view more examples of the floorcloth design process.

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