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Community Involvement - Sunbury Shores

CLASS - Children Learning at Sunbury Shores

While Jan and Andrea were on the board of Sunbury Shores, they worked on several initiatives. One of these, conceived of by Jan was the CLASS (Children Learning At Sunbury Shores) Program.

Together they...

  • Established the CLASS Program in 2005 - all local schoolchildren receiving free art lessons during school hours (high school seniors receiving high school credit for their participation).
  • Approached donors and sponsors and raised an average of $20,000 every year to run the program.
  • Developed curriculum and hired art teachers.
  • Taught art lessons.
  • Staged a yearly art show (created posters/programs, etc).

Concept: The program involves every kindergarten to grade 6 student from Vincent Massey Elementary School, all grade 7, 8, 9 students and around thirty grade 11 and 12 credit students from Sir James Dunn Academy, taking part in art and nature classes on Sunbury Shores premises or in their classrooms, during regular school time with instruction being given by artists and naturalists from the community. Every child has access to art education, regardless of their financial situation.

The CLASS Program 2005/2006

Here are some photos of the First Annual CLASS Art Show, 2006.

Colourful Gallery

Colourful Gallery

Jan Mulder addressing the crowd with Lieutenant Governor H. Chiasson

Opening Night!

Opening the Show

CLASS students working with Mayor John Craig and Lieutenant Governor H. Chiasson looking on.

The CLASS Program 2006/2007

Here are some photos of the Second Annual CLASS Art Show, 2007, sponsored by RE/MAX St. Andrews.

Opening Night

Opening Night

CLASS Students

Looking at the work.

The CLASS Program 2007/2008

Here are some photos of the Third Annual CLASS Art Show, 2008, sponsored by RE/MAX St. Andrews.

A captive audience on opening night.

CLASS Program instructors (Mabel, Lara, Andrew, Faith, Robert, Terry, Chantal and Andrea Mulder-Slater) with Sunbury Shores' board chair, Jay Remer in the back.

Geoff Slater with long-time Sunbury supporters Dick & Peggy Saunders.

Jan Mulder, CLASS Program founder, chats with board member Vaughn McIntyre and his wife Mary.

Art is joy!

Contemplating the artwork...

Work from grades 5 and 6.

A CLASS student points out her artwork.

The CLASS Program 2008/2009

Here are some photos of the Fourth Annual CLASS Art Show, 2009, sponsored by RE/MAX St. Andrews.

Opening night.

Admiring the new Jarea baby.

Admiring the artwork.

Proud young artists.

The CLASS Program 2009/2010

Here are some photos of the Fifth Annual CLASS Art Show, 2010, sponsored by RE/MAX St. Andrews.

A young student looks for her art.

Jan and Andrea address the crowd.

Once again, a big opening night crowd!

Finding their masks.

The CLASS Program 2010/2011

Here are some photos of the Sixth Annual CLASS Art Show, 2011, sponsored by RE/MAX St. Andrews.

Art books!

The gang's all here.

See you, see me.

Opening night crowd.

*In December 2011, Jan and Andrea resigned from the board of Sunbury Shores so they could return to working on their own art. The CLASS program has continued under the direction of the current board of directors.

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