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Community Involvement - Sunbury Shores

Guess Who Mystery Art Auction

While Jan and Andrea were on the board of Sunbury Shores, they worked on several fundraisers. One of these, created by Andrea was the Guess Who fundraiser.

Jan and Andrea, along with Geoff...

  • Came up with "Guess Who" a mystery art auction fundraising event.
  • Sent out requests to artists and celebrities.
  • Designed a web page to attract donors
  • Photographed and recorded all work as it arrived.
  • Promoted the event
  • Secured donated space
  • Built display units
  • Solicited food donations for event
  • Organized all works of art, created bios for artists, attached bios to backs of canvases, created master list of works, kept track of ticket sales (for each ticket sold, numbers were printed twice – one to go in a sealed envelope (given to the ticket holder the night of the event) and one to go into the bucket (from which numbers were drawn)).
  • Designed posters, brochures, list of rules, etc.
  • Organized volunteers to help on the night of the event.

Concept: Local and national artists, craftspeople, writers, musicians, actors, radio / television personalities, politicians and more were asked to "get creative" with a 6" x 8" piece of stretched canvas. Participants did what they wished with their canvas – painted or drew on it, sewed fabric to it, drilled wood into it, glued paper onto it, spilled coffee over it, made lipstick prints across it… whatever worked! The sky was the limit.

Here’s the kicker: the artist's name did not appear on the front of the canvas. Names of the "creators" were on the backs of each work of art. in sealed envelopes. Mysterious, right? Then, came the fun part... We displayed the works of art, put the same price tag each one ( $90) and opened the doors to guests (who had paid $10 per ticket) who were each assigned a number. Throughout the evening, numbers were drawn from a hat. When a collector's number was drawn, he or she was able to choose the work he or she wished to purchase.

Guess Who 2010

Sold Out Event | 86 artists | 104 works of art | All pieces were SOLD | $10,000 was raised in one night.

Celebrity canvas decorators in 2010 included: Wildlife artist Robert Bateman, Former Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson, Photographer Peter Cunningham (Bruce Springsteen/Madonna), CTV's Cindy Day, Comedian Lorne Elliot, Author CB Forrest, Musician Alan Gerber, Artist Marlene Hilton Moore, Musicians Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac (Madison Violet), Fiddler Natalie McMaster, Canada AM's Seamus O'Regan and Photographer Freeman Patterson

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>More photos from Guess Who 2010

Guess Who 2011

Sold Out Event | 104 artists | 120 works of art | All pieces were SOLD | $14,000 was raised in one night.

Celebrity canvas decorators in 2011 included: Humorist Dave Barry, Wildlife artist Robert Bateman, Comedian/Actor/Writer Brent Butt (Corner Gas), Former Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson, CTV Meteorologist Cindy Day, Comedian Lorne Elliot, Author CB Forrest, Canada AM's Jeff Hutcheson, Actress and Writer Marilyn Lightstone, Children's Author Robert Munsch, Singer/Songwriter/Producer Neil Osborne (54-40), Photographer Freeman Patterson, CTV's Liz Rigney, Broadcaster and Media Pioneer Moses Znaimer.

>More photos from Guess Who 2011

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*After the successful completion of the 2011 Guess Who event, Jan and Andrea resigned from the board of Sunbury Shores so they could spend more time working on their own art. At that time, Andrea shared a "How to Guess Who" package to the board of directors so that they could continue the fundraiser on their own.

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