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Jan joined the board of Sunbury Shores in 2004. Shortly after joining, she set the wheels in motion to launch an educational program which would provide free art and nature lessons to every single child in St. Andrews, Bocabec, Bayside, Chamcook and Waweig, who attended Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy. Because of St. Andrews' small population, funding for art teachers within the elementary, middle and high schools was just not a possibility. This is why Jan decided to start the CLASS (Children Learning At Sunbury Shores) Program.

After securing funding from partners such as The Kiwanis Club of St. Andrews, the Tecolote, Harrison McCain, Sir James Dunn and Fundy Community foundations, and the Arts Branch, New Brunswick Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, the CLASS (Children Learning At Sunbury Shores) Program was launched in September, 2005.

As time went on, schools from Lawrence Station and Deer Island were included in the program as were at-risk youth from around the county. CLASS began it's 7th year in September 2012 and as a direct result of Jan's efforts, hundreds of school children from PreK to Grade 12 have received FREE art lessons, every year.

After helping Jan on the sidelines, Andrea joined the board of Sunbury Shores in 2008. While on the board, Andrea worked with Jan on the CLASS Program. She also took on the role of web designer. Together (and along with Geoff), Jan and Andrea volunteered thousands of hours at Sunbury Shores, painting, cleaning, constructing, deconstructing, teaching and fundraising.

Two major fundraisers created by Jan and Andrea were the Guess Who fundraiser and the Square Foot fundraiser.

They also developed programming for the centre - establishing the free Moms and Tots program and writing the curriculum for the summer children's programs. In addition, Jan completed the printshop when she located a lithography press in Washington State. A printshop there was closing down and looking to sell their press. Jan not only raised the funds required to purchase the press, she also coordinated the transportation of the press, which Geoff and students from SJDA picked up across the border and delivered to Sunbury Shores.

After 5-1/2 years as a board member, Jan resigned and took on the position of Interim Executive Director. Because the centre was suffering finacially, Jan offered to work as an unpaid volunteer. She did this for nearly a year until the board of directors convinced her to take a paycheque, which she did - for four months.

During her time as director, Jan created the first surplus in 6 years.

After learning that Jamie Steel was interested in applying for the position of Executive Director (should it ever come open), Jan suggested to the board that Jamie succeed her as Executive Director. He took on the position in the fall of 2010 and Jan rejoined the board at that time.

In December 2011, both Jan and Andrea resigned from the board of directors so they could take time to focus on their own art.

Sunbury Shores projects and fundraisers created and managed by Jan, Andrea and Geoff

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