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Geoff, Jan and Andrea have been teaching art to children and adults of all ages since the early 1990s. In 1997, they found a way to help artists, teachers and parents from around the world bring art into the lives of kids everywhere.

KinderArt.com was created in 1997. At the time, Jantje and Andrea were leading Saturday morning workshops at a local art gallery. One day they decided to look online see if there were any resources for lesson plans -- specifically, art lesson plans -- and found that there were very few. Not long before, they had made the move into "Cyberspace" by placing Jarea Art Studio business online. So, along with that, they created what was at that time a modest resource for art teachers, with about 20 lessons, under the name of Jarea Art Studio, Free Art Lessons.

The name KinderArt® came a few months later and it didn't take long for people to discover it.

As more and more people started coming, it became clear that there were many artists, teachers and parents who, like Jantje and Andrea, were on the lookout for new ideas that didn't cost a fortune to try with a full classroom of 30 students. So, they continued to build the site, adding quick lessons as well as more in-depth drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture studies. The main concern was to offer ideas that make use of readily available materials that most parents and teachers have at home or in their school supply cupboards. Eventually, those who were visiting the site wanted to share their ideas as well, and so, the site continued to grow and grow...

Today, KinderArt® is the largest collection of free art lessons on the Internet. What began in 1997 as a few helpful ideas for teachers and parents, has since grown into an enormous collection of resources featuring thousands of tried and tested free lesson plans, ideas and resources which have been contributed by people from around the world.

The goal of KinderArt® has been and always will be, to make art lessons and educational information accessible to all.

You can visit KinderArt® at www.KinderArt.com

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